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EV Fire Blanket: Your ultimate shield against lithium battery fires

In a world where electric vehicles and lithium batteries have become the norm, fire safety is crucial. That's where our EV Fire Blanket and F-500 Fire Extinguishers shine. Designed and perfected to specifically respond to lithium battery fires, they give you unparalleled protection.

Quality? Guaranteed. Reliability? Our trademark. Our products are certified to meet the highest fire protection standards, so you can rest easy.

But that's not all. We bring you good news! Free shipping to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It has never been easier to protect yourself and your environment against potentially dangerous fires.

Order today and take your security to the next level. The Deliverytime? Only 3 to 5 working days, if our products are in stock. Don't wait until it's too late.

And for our international and business customers: no worries. We are ready for you. Please contact us via chat or contact form for orders outside Belgium or the Netherlands, or if you need a business invoice.