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F-500 Lithium-ion Fire Extinguisher 9L

F-500 Lithium-ion Fire Extinguisher 9L

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Meet our advanced F-500 fire extinguisher with a capacity of 9 liters and developed to effectively combat both EV (electric vehicle) fires and lithium-ion battery fires. Crafted with precision and innovation, this F-500 fire extinguisher is designed to provide a quick and powerful response to these specific fire hazards. Increase your fire safety measures with a solution tailor-made for modern challenges.

Most important features:

  1. Our F-500 fire extinguisher is your all-in-one solution, expertly formulated to tackle both EV fire incidents and lithium-ion battery fires. This versatility ensures you are prepared to handle a wide range of potential emergencies.
  2. The heart of our fire extinguisher is the advanced F-500 extinguishing agent technology. This specialized extinguishing agent effectively cools, envelops and suppresses flames, targeting the unique heat and chemical reactions of lithium-ion fires.
  3. In the midst of an emergency, time is of the essence. Our F-500 fire extinguisher is designed for rapid deployment, so you can take immediate action to suppress the fire and prevent escalation.
  4. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, the F-500 formula minimizes residue and damage. This is especially crucial for EVs and sensitive electronics, where minimizing collateral damage is paramount.
  5. Operating our F-500 fire extinguisher is intuitive and user-friendly. With easy activation and ergonomic design, anyone can use it effectively, making it a valuable tool for professionals and individuals alike.
  6. The F-500 extinguisher technology is environmentally conscious, with reduced water consumption and minimal environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for fire suppression.

Whether you are an EV owner, a first responder or an organization that puts safety first, our F-500 fire extinguisher provides unparalleled protection against EV fires and lithium-ion battery incidents. With advanced technology and a commitment to safety, you can rely on our fire extinguisher for fast and effective fire suppression when every second counts.

Increase your fire safety standards and choose the F-500 fire extinguisher.

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