Antoine Dechamps, tijdens zijn overwinning van de Bridgestone  eco-r Monte Carlo in de Volkswagen ID-4

Meet Antoine Dechamps: Our New EV Brand Ambassador for a Safer Electric Age

At EV Blusdeken, a leading brand in electric vehicle safety, we are constantly focused on innovation and improving safety standards for electric mobility. It is with great pleasure that we announce our recent collaboration with the household name in the electric vehicle world, Antoine Dechamps.

Antoine Dechamps: A Passion for Electric Rallies and Sustainable Mobility

Antoine Dechamps is no stranger to the world of electric vehicles. He is the driving force behind the Rally Team ADE eco rally and a leading member of the Belgium VW Club. This talented driver not only brings speed, but also a deep commitment and passion to sustainable mobility. His passion for electric rallies even took him to the top step of the podium in the FIA ​​Ecorally Cup, where he proved that electric vehicles are not only environmentally friendly during this spectacular rally from Belgium to Monaco.

Triumphs in the World of E-Rallies

Antoine Dechamps has achieved impressive victories in the FIA ​​Ecorally Cup, with his crown jewel, the Rally Bridgestone Eco-R Monte Carlo, where he and his teammates from the Belgium VW Club left the competition far behind. This is not just recognition of his pioneering role in electric rallies, but also proof of his commitment to environmentally friendly motorsport.

A New Role as an EV brand ambassador

We are extremely pleased to welcome Antoine Dechamps as our new EV fire blanket brand ambassador. His unparalleled passion for electric mobility and his impressive track record in the world of e-rallies make him the ideal person to support our mission: strengthening fire safety around electric vehicles.

Together with EV Blusdeken, Antoine will work to raise awareness and develop innovative solutions to take safety around electric vehicles to a higher level. His expertise and commitment will be invaluable in promoting safety measures and reducing risks in the world of electric mobility.

Together towards a Safer Electric Era

With Antoine Dechamps on board as our EV Brand Ambassador, we look to the future with confidence. Together we will work to improve fire safety around electric vehicles and contribute to the growth of sustainable mobility.

We invite you to follow Antoine Dechamps on his journey as our EV Brand Ambassador. Stay informed of the latest developments and discover more about his passion for electric mobility via his website:

At EV Blusdeken we are determined to make electric mobility safer, and together with Antoine Dechamps we strive to achieve this goal. Stay involved in our initiatives and help us create a safer electric age. Together we go further than ever before to embrace and secure electric mobility.

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