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Welcome to our exclusive business environment, where safety is central. Whether you're the guardian of safety in your business, navigating the rapidly evolving space of electric vehicles (EVs), or looking for the ideal sourcing channel for EV fire safety solutions, you likely understand the importance of advanced fire protection in this rapidly changing environment. changing sector.

At EV fire blanket we have made it our mission to enhance your EV experience. As pioneers in EV fire safety, we understand the unique challenges and risks associated with electric vehicles. Our mission is simple but of utmost importance: to protect people, property and the environment in the event of an electrical fire that could release toxic fumes and hazardous liquids.

Our products and services

EV fire blankets

The EV fire blanket is one of the world's most extreme fire blankets, proudly manufactured in Belgium. Traditional foam or water-based fire extinguishers fall short of lithium battery fires, but the EV fire blanket acts within seconds by smothering the flames. It can safely insulate a lithium - ion battery from fire and remains environmentally friendly, reducing the release of toxic fumes and harmful liquids.

Our EV fire blanket is also ideal for locations with lithium batteries, including parking facilities, garages, the automotive industry, the bicycle industry, solar energy storage batteries and more.

F-500 fire extinguisher

The F-500 fire extinguisher is an innovative solution capable of fighting solid and liquid based fires with minimal collateral damage. It is compatible with various fire classes and serves as an essential tool for extinguishing lithium battery fires.

Expert advice

Our team of experts are ready to give you expert advice on fire safety for electric vehicles. We help you choose the right fire safety equipment and develop an effective safety strategy.

Why EV fire blanket?

Quality, reliability and certification

Our products are supplied with the necessary certificates (MPA, Efectis). We work exclusively with accredited fire testing laboratories equipped with advanced technical testing facilities, allowing us to meet the simplest and most complex requirements.


At EV fire blanket we are constantly working on innovative solutions for a broad industry. Two words are central to every thought or production process: your safety.

We continuously follow the latest international technologies for the development of new firefighting technologies for EVs.

A trusted concept in a demanding sector

Every day as a company we work on our mission to significantly contribute to fire and occupational safety in lithium battery locations, including parking facilities, garages, the automotive industry, the bicycle industry, battery manufacturers and the recycling sector.

At EV fire blanket we strive for customer satisfaction. We provide excellent customer service and support to ensure your fire safety needs are met.

Our team is ready to answer your questions, discuss possible collaborations and provide the information needed for a successful collaboration.

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