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Discover the Innovative EV Fire Blanket concept: Fire safety in electric vehicles for the mobility industry!

Electric vehicles, the future of mobility, face a challenge: firefighting. Traditional extinguishing methods often fail in electric vehicle fires. Fortunately, the exciting EV fire blanket concept comes into play, based on seasoned best practices and intensive live testing. Specially designed for lithium fires and rather than the one-size-fits-all approach, we understand that every EV fire requires its own approach.

Traditional extinguishing with water or foam is no longer sufficient for an EV fire, but the EV fire blanket concept offers a revolutionary solution to minimize damage.

Why do you choose the EV fire blanket concept?

Electric vehicle fires are a growing problem that needs urgent attention. In emergency situations, whether you are on a ferry, in a parking garage, or on a busy street, quickly removing the vehicle or finding a water immersion container is not an easy task. This is where the EV fire blanket concept comes to the rescue.

Our fire blanket is designed to isolate and control the fire caused by a lithium fire. Place the lithium-ion fire blanket over the burning EV vehicle and watch it cut off oxygen and keep the lithium fire under control until professional help arrives. The EV fire blanket is an indispensable tool to protect any electric vehicle, anywhere.

The steps of the EV fire blanket concept:

  1. Call emergency services immediately in the event of an EV fire incident.
  2. Take our specially designed EV fire blanket with two people at the corners.
  3. Pull the blanket over the burning vehicle so that it is completely covered.
  4. See how the fire is denied access to oxygen, isolated and controlled.
  5. Wait for professional help to safely remove the car or submerge it in an immersion container.
  6. Consider using multiple EV fire blankets while waiting for emergency services. To protect surrounding vehicles against possible fire damage.

Protect yourself against lithium fires and make the roads safer with the EV fire blanket concept. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or would like more information about the EV fire blanket that can be used in lithium fires, you can always contact us!

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