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Wall cabinet car basic / pro fire blanket - fire-safe storage

Wall cabinet car basic / pro fire blanket - fire-safe storage

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Our EV Fire Blanket Cabinet provides the perfect solution for fire safe and organized storage of Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets, our specially designed cabinet allows you to store your Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets in an accessible and organized manner, ensuring a quick response in the event of a fire incident.

Features and Benefits
  1. The EV Fire Blanket Cabinet is designed to keep your Electric Car Fire Blankets in optimal condition. This keeps them protected against dust, moisture and other external elements that can affect their effectiveness.
  2. Our cabinet offers enough space to store different sizes and types of fire blankets for electric vehicles.
  3. The cabinet's compact and wall-mountable construction saves valuable floor space in your business environment. This makes it an ideal solution for parking garages, charging stations and maintenance areas.
  4. The cabinet is equipped with an easy-to-open door, giving your employees quick and efficient access to the fire blankets in emergency situations. The intuitive design ensures an immediate response to fire incidents.
  5. Made of high quality materials, our cabinet guarantees long-term durability and safety. It is resistant to wear and tear and provides sturdy protection for your valuable fire blankets.

Protect your EV fire blankets from damage and ensure a quick response to emergency situations. Let us be your partner in fire safety.

The EV fire blanket cabinet is supplied without a fire blanket

Size: 80 x 50 x 30 CM

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